Advanced Technology

With progress in industrial processes as well improving quality thanks to new-century skills of advanced technology in electronics and biochemistry, we have leading professional technology, we introduce advanced production equipments and research initiatives, and we offer a complete and strictly excellent series of products, effective supplied energy, after-sales professional tests, working skills and a mobile technology service. Satisfying and meeting your needs at any given time is the management principle of our company.

Clean Equipment

Our company adopts America’s most progressive production equipment and skills yielding a production environment in a zero-dust room. Diverse series of the most economic, efficient, durable and excellent-quality products are made in order to satisfy demands of customers in the industrial field, create a new-century business climax, and make co-operative efforts to provide the finest technology of the twenty-first century. Our company provides a production factory with Class 1000 degree cleanliness. We also adopt America’s most progressive production equipments to make various light, super-thin, large-capacity, economic-type and super-high-functioning Air Systemss.

X-Y Full Automation

Our products are the only ones (imported from America) with most progressive PSL of passing smoke test, X-Y leaking scanning, testing equipment of penetration rate and testing equipment of DOP leaking. Our products are the only ones adopting the overall use of X-Y computer’s fully automatic operation, resulting in a seamless high-pressure airtight pad, a smooth and glossy model surface which never gathers dust, and damp-proof function.

A clean production environment, the best production-line equipment and the top-most testing system facilities are the best evidence of our quality guarante.

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