The advantages of our product characteristics and conditions of our company’s service provide best evidence of full satisfaction being guaranteed

  • We use best-quality filter cartridges and incombustible water-proof glass fiber paper produced by America’s LYDER paper factory as its internationally first-class brand.
  • We have a zero-dust production factory with CLASS 1000 cleanness level and the product quality is thus reliable.
  • In Taiwan, our products are the only ones that the computer’s fully automatic operation is adopted to make, resulting in a PU forming a seamless high-pressure airtight pad.
  • In Taiwan, our products are the only ones that adopt fully automatic testing equipment such as X-Y leaking scanning and measurement of penetration rate. We insist on having 100% tested on each piece of filter net. Quality of exported products is guaranteed.
  • We are the first to adopt a PSL dust test in Taiwan to replace the DOP test of the past. The new system avoids the pollution that filter nets cause after testing.
  • Our Air Systemss were tested and certificated by America’s IBR test and also tested and qualified by Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute and Nuclear Energy Unit.
  • We have a wide range of products and many of our patented items have been honoured with prize awards.
  • Technically guided by top professional technicians of America’s GMD and using the newest production process, we produce Air Systems nets of the best quality.
  • Air conditioning technicians and technological groups staying in factories provide a technical information service to customers.
  • Refined advanced production and testing equipments are the best guarantee of excellent quality.
  • We make sure of safety stock controlling and have an efficient system of supplying products and the highest level of cooperation – offering products on time according to customers’ deman.
  • Our Professional skills provide services to customers – tests of zero-dust rooms and engineering improvements.