Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter


Capturing efficiency:99.9995% UP ~ 99.99995% UP AT PSL 0.12μm

This is the only product with PSL(0.12μm)nation-wide which has the capacity of passing such tests as smoke, X-Y leaking scanning and penetration rate. The overall use of X-Y computer's fully automatic operation results in a seamless high-pressure airtight pad. The surface is smooth and glossy, never collecting dust, and has a damp-proof function.


Filtering material:the world's first-class quality incombustible water-proof glass fiber paper, with original fitting (imported from America) is used.

Framing material:a pressed aluminum frame with anode treatment and expanded aluminum mesh is used.

Method for air-tightness:1. seamless high-pressure airtight pad 2. semi-fluid air-tight substance

The product is made in a zero-dust factory of Class 1000 degree cleanliness. The most progressive equipment, the X-Y axis automated test apparatus (imported from America), is used in the process. A 100% leak scanning and efficiency test is adopted, so checking products only randomly and then exporting them will never happen. Quality is guaranteed.

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant document: Test Report 1 Test Report 2

01.Here is shown the result of an experiment made at Air Movement Laboratory, Energy & Resources Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute. The result is obtained through 210 testing standard of AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association).
02.This shows that our products are tested by Americans Inter Basic Resources Inc., executing tests through testing progress of IBR TM E-305. Thus, all meet the standards for filter nets.

 Dimension and Specification

Use of filtering material: incombustible water-proof glass fiber paper

Use of humidity: under 100% RH at highest

Use of temperature : 80°C at the highest

Capturing dust: diameter 0.12μm

Type Size
Air Speed
Rated Air
Initial Pressure Loss
(mm W.G.)
Final Pressure Loss
(mm W.G.)
Class in use
SU5-5BS 570x570x70 45
0.45 7.8 under 12.5 25 Class M1
Class M3.5
SU5-6BS 610x610x70 9.0
SU5-9BS 610x915x70 13.8
SU5-11BS 570x1170x70 16.6
SU5-12BS 610x1220x70 18.6
SU5-15BS 610x1525x70 23.4
SU5-18BS 610x1830x70 28.0