W Type-Medium Efficiency Particulate Air Filter


Capturing efficiency:ASHRAE - 65%, 85%, 95%

ASHRAE test on efficiency of lighting smoke (ASHRAE 52. 1-1992)


Filtering element:filtering elements of the products are arranged in a V shape, leading to low degree of damage even when the products are under pressure. They are also used in a working environment with plenty of wind.

Filtering material:the world's top quality incombustible water-proof glass fiber paper, with original fitting (imported from America) is used.

Framing material:plastic PS outer frames are used. Because of their light weight, working is easier. Their shape will not change in a humid environment.

Purpose:an equipment with high wind amount and zero-dust; a system with adaptable air conditioning energy-saving; inside an air conditioning box for a humid working environment.

The product is made in a zero-dust factory of Class 1000 degree cleanliness.

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant pictures: Box-type Structure Single-convex Flange-type Structure

Relevant document: Test Report

01.Here is the result of an experiment made at Air Movement Laboratory, Energy & Resources Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute. The result is obtained according to the 210 testing standard of AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association).

 Dimension and Specification

Use of filtering material: incombustible water-proof glass fiber paper

Use of humidity: under 100% RH at highest

Use of temperature : 80°C at the highest

Type Box Single-Raise Flange
Outer size(Inch) 24"x24"(12"x24") 24"x24"(12"x24")
Actual size(mm) 610x610(305x610) 592x592(287x592)
Filter efficiency(%) 95 85 65 95 86 65
Air volume 24"x24"(CMM) 75 80 82 75 80 82
12"x24"(CMM) 37 40 40 37 40 40
Initial pressure loss(mm W.G.) 14 12 10 14 12 10