With Chamber Type-High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Box (0.3 µm)


Capturing efficiency: 99.97% UP ~ 99.99% UP AT PSL 0.3µm

This is the only nation-wide product with PSL (0.3µm) which meets smoke tests and testing equipments of X-Y leaking scanning and penetration rate. The overall use of X-Y computer's fully automatic operation results in a seamless high-pressure airtight pad. The surface is smooth and glossy, never collecting dust, and has a damp-proof function. The conventional but non-economical way ¡V throwing away the whole set after use ¡V is altered. Instead, the combination of high-forced layers is used so that a quick combination can be made. Or, air exit in the upper layer and component parts of filter nests in the bottom layer are separated to reduce the period of time when changed for the next time as well as reducing the cost. All adopt a fully automatic operation, resulting in a seamless high-pressure airtight pad. The product is made in the environment of a zero-dust room (Class 1000).


Box: the width is 250mm ¡V a super-thin type.

Framing material: a pressed aluminum frame with anode treatment is used to reduce the weight by two thirds and increase anti-erosion function.

Filter: the air filter uses super-minute folded filter element instead of aluminum foil shield material. Also, the capturing efficiency can be selected.

The filter nest is the layer-type combination of component parts in the upper layer and filter nests in the bottom layer.,Upper lid of the air entry can remain (there is no need to dismantle the wind pipe and it can remain to re-use) so that filter nests can be altered quickly. It can not only reduce cost of maintenance, but also avoid the pollution to environment of zero-dust room during replacement.

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant pictures: Structure

Relevant document: Test Report

0.1 Here is the result of an experiment made at Air Movement Laboratory, Energy & Resources Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute. The result is obtained through 210 testing standard of AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association).

 Dimension and Specification

Use of filtering material: incombustible water-proof glass fiber paper

Use of humidity: under 100% RH at highest

Use of temperature: 80ºC at the highest

Capturing dust: diameter 0.3µm

Type Size
Surface Air Speed
Rated Air
Initial Pressure Loss
(mm W.G.)
Final Pressure Loss
(mm W.G.)
Class in use
NSCH4-5CBS 570x570x250 C=130 0.85 15 25以下 50 Class M3.5
Class M6.5
NSCH4-6CBS 610x610x250 C=130 17
NSCH4-9CBS 610x915x250 風管尺吋 25
NSCH4-11CBS 570x1170x250 10,12,14 Inch 31.4
NSCH4-12CBS 610x1220x250 10,12,14 Inch 35