High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Box Unit


Capturing efficiency: 99.97% UP ~ 99.99% UP AT PSL 0.3µm

This is the only nation-wide product with PSL (0.3 µm) which has the capacity of passing such tests as smoke, X-Y leaking scanning and penetration rate. The overall use of X-Y computer's fully automatic operation results in a seamless high-pressure airtight pad. The surface is smooth and glossy, never collecting dust, and has a damp-proof function

The box unit has a pressed aluminum frame with anode treatment and is thus super-thin and light weight. With this special design, it is not necessary to need any tool. Indoors, it is easy that the filter net can be changed. Meantime, it can reduce the pollution that changing the filter net brings about. Its purpose is extensive. It is suitable in a panel and ceiling structure like light steel. When the filter net is renewed, costs can be saved. It is suitable in zero-dust room of Class 1 to 100000. The size of whole box and filter net can be made according to what is needed in reality.


Filter material: the outer frame of SU type and SH type is adopted. Standard type is designed as 70mm.

Main body of box: a pressed aluminum frame with anode treatment

Standard air pipe: two kinds: 12" and 14"

Method for air-tightness: the filter uses a fully automatic seamless high-pressure airtight plastic substance.

Method of remaining warmth: pad with outer heating and high density which can keep warmth is adopted.

Decorated panel surface: a pressed aluminum stick with anode treatment.

Fixed screw: treatment for preventing rust.

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant pictures: Construction for Reference, 2'x2' Structure

 Dimension and Specification

Use of filtering material: incombustible water-proof glass fiber paper

Use of humidity: under 100% RH at most

Use of temperature: 80 ºcat the highest

Capturing efficiency: ULPA 0.12 µm 99.9995%. HEPA 0.3 µm, above 99.97%

Method of remaining warmth: pad with outer heating and high density which can keep warmth is used.

Air pipe: coated paint iron sheet; the diameter of opening is 12" or 14", and the height is 80mm

Material of the main body: pressed aluminum frame with anode treatment.

Purpose light steel frame plate
Size(Feet) 2x2 2x4 2x2 2x4
Body Width(W) 600 600 690 690
Length(L) 600 1210 690 1300
Height(H) 225 225 225 225
Filter net size(mm) 2Ft:520*520*70
Handling air volume(H) 15 30 17 35
Handling air volume(U) 7 15 8 17.5
Initial pressure loss(mm W.G.) under 25 under 25