Fan Filter Unit - Round Type

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant pictures: Curve Graph for Air Volume & Static Pressure, Structure

Relevant document: Motor with an Outer Rotor , Component Parts

 Dimension and Specification

Adjusting velocity control: continuous air volume velocity moderators can easily adjust air volume

Voltages & Current: single phase/ three phase 200V/380V 0.95A/0.65A 50Hz/60Hz

Filtering efficiency: ULPA: above 0.12µm 99.9995%; HEPA: above 0.3µm 99.99%

Product type FFU-517RS FFU-612RS
FFU size(mm) 570x1170x320 600x1210x320
Filter net size(mm) 570x1170x130 600x1210x130
Air volumne(CMM) 18.5 20
Output power(W) 140/150 140/150
Body material ABS (fame resistance class 1) ABS (fame resistance class 1)
Weight(KG) 17 18(SUS 304)