Fan Filter Unit - EC System


FFU, only for zero-dust rooms, is what EC motor provides with EBM electronic style control. Its quality is high, its noise is low and the vibration is slight. Through EBM BUS VIA RS 485, it can connect to 7936 stations and thus its expanding function is excellent.

Professionally designed hardware and software are used to control the models and connect to the computer. Thus, it can control adjusting air volume of FFU in way of groups or that of individual station. Linking 7936 stations, the system operation is simple and its expanding function is excellent.

The central monitoring control system can monitor FFU operation twenty-four hours each day. If something abnormal happens, the sign of Alarm will be on so that monitoring staff can discover the abnormality and speedily remove it. Its mobilization is strong.

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant pictures: Diagram of the Connections

 Dimension and Specification

Voltages & Current: single phase 220V / three phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz 0.75A DC124 OR 48V

Filtering efficiency: ULPA: 0.12µm 99.9995% or above 99.9995%

Object material: SUS 304/mirror-surface stainless steel sheet, 1.0T

Product type FFU-517CS FFU-612CS
FFU size(mm) 578x1178x320 608x1218x320
Filter net size(mm) 570x1170x70 600x1210x70
Air volumne(CMM) 18.5 20
Output power(W) Nominal Motor Current 2.16A(230V)/1.8A(277V)
Weight(KG) 22(SUS 304) 18(SUS 304)