Air Shower - SB-XXXXX Series


With the advanced Smart Computer PC's control module, this system is safe and stable and the damage rate will be low. A LED (light-emitting-diode) electronic sign screen and touch module are designed to be convenient for vacuuming dust and operating various functions. An inter-locking function of photoelectric sensors and an automatic high-air velocity fast dust cleaner are set in order to efficiently block dust brought into the zero-dust room on staff and on objects.


Main body structure: the main body is made of steel sheet and painted with powder-coated baked paint. Entries for air circulation are set at the bottom of inner sheets of two sides.

Time for cleaning: it can adjust within 0-60 seconds (15 seconds is recommended).

On & off controls: light switch, photoelectric sensor, electric locker, neon sign, timer with manual operation and timer with automatic control.

Type of control: PLC model control

Air Velocity: over 25m/sec.

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant pictures: Detail of Control Panel, Arrangement for Air Shower 1, Arrangement for Air Shower 2