Pass Box - Standard Type


Function: 1. mechanical chain function; 2. staff control function; 3. function of transmitting some materials in and out

Material : 1. the whole product is made of stainless steel; 2. the whole product is coated with paint

The Pass Box is set to reduce the pollution that staff's entering and leaving the Clean Room brings about.

 Optional Accessories

Interphone: This is set for staff inside the room and outside to communicate with each other in order to avoid the pollution that staff's entering and leaving Clean Room brings about.

Buzzer: when one door is not well closed or opened, the buzzer will make a sound in order to catch an operator' attention.

Indicator light: it is set to match with buzzer. When the buzzer makes sound, the indicator light will shine as well.

Germicidal lamp: it is set to kill germs.

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant pictures: Top View, Side View, Front View

 Dimension and Specification

Product type PY-60 PY-75 PY-80 PY-115
Inner size W1 (m/m) 500 600 650 1000
Inner size H1 (m/m) 500 600 700 1000
Outer Size W2 (m/m) 650 750 800 1150
Outer Size H2 (m/m) 600 700 800 1100
Thickness D 500 500 500 900