Clean Bench - Horizontal Laminar Flow


This product is suitable for the level of Class 100. It has rollers which can be fixed or movable and thus it is easily set up. We use stainless steel imported from abroad and side liner made of tempered glass so that the whole working area appears wide and bright. An adjustable air volume system is also used. A light-type switch is used to adjust voltage so that air velocity remains ideal in the work area.


With nearly ten years accumulated experience, our R & D team with professional skill and design flair make the Clean Bench of horizontal unidirectional air flow. It is used in many varied fields such as electronics, national defense, precision instruments, apparatus making and medical manufacture.

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant pictures: Structure 1, Structure 2

 Dimension and Specification

Outer Size
(W1xD1xH1 m/m)
Working scope
(W2xD2xH2 m/m)
99.99% DOP
HEPA Filter
Outer Size
(W1xD1xH1 m/m)
Blower/Voltage Lighting
1000x840x1480 900x580x580 24"x36"x3" 16x25x1 1/3HP 1¢ 110V/220V 20W
1300x840x1480 1200x580x580 24"x48"x3" 16x25x1 1/2HP 1¢ 110V/220V 40W
1910x840x1480 1800x580x580 24"x72"x3" 16x25x1 3/4HP 1¢ 110V/220V 40W