Bio-Hazard Safft Cabinet


Degree of Cleanliness: meeting FED-STD-209E for Class 100 environment.

Filtering Net: HEPA Filter can reach 0.3µm D.O.P. and its capturing efficiency reaches 99.97% or even over 99.99%.

Pre Filter: it can filter larger dust at the beginning.

Blower: it is an original fitting, imported from America's firm, DAYTON. Its vibration is small and it produces little noise.

Sliding glass door: glass with 5mm thickness is set in the door frame made of stainless steel. Its height can be freely adjusted and it can also be changed into a hanging-style so it can be opened.

Structure: the whole apparatus SUS 304 is made of stainless steel. Some part of main machine body is made of cold-plate-made iron plate and coated with paint. The operating area (working surface) of the inner part and the front surface of the main machine body are all made of stainless steel. Lumber core plywood is coated with Sulfuric Acid and Nitric Acid (for the sake of anti-acid) and the working surface is made of stainless steel.

Average Air Velocity: 100±20FPM

Accessory: digital timer, two-pin socket

Choice of accessories: germicide lamp with 15W, differential pressure gauge made by America's Dwyer, switch for gas (single opening or double opening)

 Relevant Picture and Document

Relevant pictures: Structure 1, Structure 2

 Dimension and Specification

Outer Size
(W1xD1xH1 m/m)
Inner Size
(W2xD2xH2 m/m)
Main Filter(Inch) Exhaust Filter(Inch) Motor/Fan Lighting
1300x780x2000 1170x630x570 24"x48"x3" 12"x12"x3" 1/2HP 110V 30Wx2
1910x780x2000 1780x630x570 24"x72"x3" 12"x12"x3" 3/4HP 110V 40Wx2